Our Curriculum

We base our teaching on the internationally-renowned Waldorf curriculum developed by Rudolf Steiner. As such, we recognise three distinct stages in child development: willing (doing), feeling, and thinking. As your child grows through Early Years and Grade School, each of these stages shapes how they feel about and approach the world, and in turn, informs the way in which they learn.

Grade 1

Fairy tales and nature stories provide meaning for emerging academic skills.

Grade 2

Focuses on more complex aspects of phonics, word recognition and maths skills.

Grade 3

Developing sense of self and language arts skills aimed on accuracy and fluency.

Grade 4

Develop both writing and grammar skills. Learning fractions and long division. Local geography and zoology.

Grade 5

Focused on tools of research and expository writing. Introduced to fractions, decimals and geometric principles.

Grade 6

are on the cusp of adolescence when they experience that childhood is left behind and enter a new phase of life

Grade 7

curiosity is blossoming. Our children’s intense physical and mental growth propels them toward new experiences.

Grade 8

the crown of the elementary and middle school grades. It is also known as the Age of Revolution.