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Curriculum: Grade 2

Curriculum Overview

Between ages seven and eight, the children are transitioning from a dreamy, fairy tale consciousness where the world is seen as primarily good into a newly developing consciousness of the endless dualities of human nature. As the growing children mature, they begin to gain awareness of their own challenges and how they choose to meet them.

Polarities such as patience vs. impulsiveness, kindness vs. selfishness, humility, and arrogance are presented to the 2nd Graders through the story curriculum. As they explore these themes, they begin to approach the delicate understanding of how their own personal choices define their character and how one can grow towards goodness, beauty, and truth. The 2nd Grader still loves to learn through games, including gross motor cooperative exercises and rhythmical movement activities, fine motor exercises, poems, prose, verse, and song. The 2nd Grader is eager and ready to learn, and their motto is “practice, practice, practice.”

Your second grader will learn:

  • Language Arts: Sentence construction, consonant blends and word families, speech, drama and cursive writing
  • Literature: Fables and global legends of wise beings

  • Mathematics: The four processes of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, place value and Roman numerals
  • Science: Nature study
  • Chinese: Phrases and commands, numbers 1-100, and songs
  • Physical Education: Basic tumbling, jump rope, parachute play, bean bag games, role playing, clapping and chase games
  • Handwork: Knitting a gnome
  • Art: Watercolour painting, beeswax modelling, crayon drawing
  • Music: Recorder and singing

Activities summary:

  • Language Arts
  • Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Chinese
  • Physical Education
  • Handwork
  • Art
  • Music

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