Senior Management Staff

Born and raised in Beijing, China, Anan grew up in a bilingual environment. She went to the University in the UK, and after completing her graduate degree, she studied law for her Master’s degree. Anan started her career by joining KPMG as an auditor and became a qualified chartered accountant. She and her family relocated to Beijing after her older son was born. They then moved to Hong Kong two years later. 

Anan joined Waldorf Steiner School Singapore two years ago as a Chinese teacher. With her experiences, she hopes to grow and blossom together with Straitswaldorf.

Anan Christie

Principal and Chinese teacher

Subjects :  Art  and Chinese as a second language (Full – Time)

Our Teachers

Ms Reginea discovered her passion for teaching while she was in the IT industry.  She then decided to pursue a certification in teaching with the National Institute of Education.

Her journey as a teacher began from 2002 where she taught different subjects (English, Math, Science and Arts) to children from Primary 1 to Primary 6 at Singapore local primary schools.  Reginea continued her love of teaching when she relocated with her family to Taiwan. She volunteered for the Reading and Comprehension programme at Taipei European School, her children’s school. This exposure to International School values and practices has definitely widened her horizon and provided valuable new insights into teaching.

She continues working in the education industry by developing curriculums for student-care centres, and conducting Creative Writing Workshops upon her return to Singapore.  

Ms. Reginea is multi-faceted, alongside her technology and education background, she is also an incredibly gifted musician and crafter. She joined the Lotus Bloom School under its previous name, The Waldorf School Singapore, as our Music and Handwork teacher in 2019. 




Curriculum Planner / Subject Teacher

Koh Wee Hoon (Sita Pavan)

Rhythm and Movement Teacher
Sita believes that children are big souls in little bodies, that they have a natural radiance and inner light, and are some of our greatest teachers. She feels completely at home in the holistic space where children’s creative, spiritual and moral dimensions are honoured as fully and richly as intellectual ones.

As an inner child integration therapist, and teacher of Reiki and yoga, Sita’s work is rooted in self-empowerment. She finds deep fulfilment in helping adults and children regain their inherent state of being with a compassionately conscious mind-body-spirit approach.

Sita has been with the Early Years classroom since 2021. She is currently pursuing a Steiner certification in Early Childhood Teaching.

Sita is the mother of two beautiful boys, and enjoys poetry, photo art and long walks amongst nature.


Waldorf Arts and Crafts Teacher

Ruksheen joined the Waldorf Steiner Education Association of Singapore in January 2019 as the Assistant Teacher, Nursery. In 2022 she led the Nursery class and in 2023 she led the Kindergarten class. She’s learnt under several Waldorf mentors over the last 4 years and 10 months. She has completed the RSP (Certificate – Relief Staff Programme) from Seeds Institute and worked at Eton House @223 Mountbatten, as Assistant Teacher to the Pre-Nursery and Nursery classes. In addition, she holds a Degree in Commerce, a Diploma from I.A.T.A (International Air Travel Association) and a Secretarial Diploma. 


Her passions include children, knitting and crochet, felting. She enjoys working as a team and gives her 100% to the children under her care.



Grade 1 Class Teacher
Pavithra,who is from India, is a proud mother of two lively kids. Pavithra pursued her undergraduate studies in architecture, which is deeply rooted in art, in India. In 2009, she embarked on a new chapter by moving to Singapore to pursue a master’s degree in urban design at The National University of Singapore. Following her studies, she worked as an architectural designer. 

However, upon becoming a mother, her focus shifted towards spending quality time with her children and engaging them in artistic activities. It was during this phase that she had the opportunity to attend the sessions about Anthroposophy by Ms. Julie Amanda Neale. This eye-opening experience transformed her perspective on child development and the vital roles of parents and teachers in nurturing children. Inspired by this newfound understanding, she decided to combine my artistic background with my passion for working with children. Consequently, she is pursuing the teacher training course at Sydney Rudolf Steiner College and she considers it a privilege to inspire young children.



Grade 2 Class Teacher 
Eve is originally from Canada but has been living in Singapore for 15 years along with her husband and 3 children. Eve is also the founder of Kidmando, running outdoor active classes for young children, which brings together her love for the outdoors and children learning through play. Eve also works as a trained Forest School Leader, working with a local Forest School to help build connections between children, community, and nature, with experiences, exploration and crafts. Eve is currently studying to obtain her degree in Education Studies (Primary) with the goal of becoming a full time qualified primary school teacher.  Eve brings a wealth of varied experience working with children and has the aim to foster a hands on, positive and inclusive learning environment. Though she is still starting her journey in learning about and embracing the Waldorf pedagogy, she is very keen to further her experience and skills as the heart of Waldorf education follows very closely to her own.  


Grade 3 Class Teacher 
A mother, a certified homeopathic practitioner and an educator, Mariya strives to give her best in all her  roles as she loves them all.

Mariya has spent 10 years across different areas in education and training development in Singapore and Australia. She has taught English to primary and secondary school students in Singapore, and has spent 7 years designing training and professional development programs for adult learners.

She came across Waldorf education when researching child-centred education for her own children, and was fascinated to come across this philosophy that was so aligned to supporting the mental, emotional and physical well-being of children. When life brought the opportunity to become a Waldorf educator, she embraced it wholeheartedly. 

To bring balance in health and rhythm in learning’ are the words that guide Mariya along this journey. 


Grade 4/5 Class Teacher 
LiShan was born and raised in the small island country of Taiwan. Before coming to Singapore, she worked and lived in the United States and Canada. In the United States where she first worked in Camphill, an anthroposophical community for special needs. There she worked with children with special needs in the home, school, and occupational settings. 

LiShan obtained the 5 year Curative Education Program certificate from Camphill Academy, PA. In addition, she received her Grade School Waldorf Teacher Certificate from Rudolf Steiner Center, Toronto. and taught in B.C., Canada. She further her education and received her Master’s degree in the Transdisciplinary Healing Education program from Antioch University, NH in 2023.  

Aside from work and studies, she enjoys felting, painting, and crocheting. She always has yarn and needles in her bag, and she crafts whenever she has time. LiShan is very excited to be part of The Straits Waldorf School. This year she is the Grade 4&5 Lead Teacher.