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Curriculum: Grade 7

Curriculum Overview

In Seventh Grade, curiosity is blossoming. Our children’s intense physical and mental growth propels them toward new experiences. They yearn for independence, but still, need guidance and structure. As they build bridges between concepts and learn to use their growing powers of judgment and discernment, our curriculum continues to thrust and help them see the greatness of the world and sow the seeds of interest and love for the world from a wider perspective. The curriculum theme on Renaissance and the Age of Discovery encourages them to realize that life is both enthralling and meaningful and therefore worth exploring and being active in. As they become globally conscious, our seventh graders find their sense of belonging and realise that they, too, can make an impact in this world.

Our Sixth Graders will learn:

  • Language Arts: expansion and review of all grammar, essays reading & writing, biographies, complex compositions, poetic forms, vocabulary and spelling

  • Mathematics: arithmetic review, measurement, percents, ratio, rates, geometry, algebra and the square root algorithm

  • Science: human physiology, inorganic chemistry, physics: mechanics

  • Geography: world geography – economics

  • History: Renaissance and Reformation, Age of Exploration

  • Chinese: reading, conversation, poetry, advanced grammar, writing

  • Physical Education: team sports and social dancing

  • Handwork: felting and woodworking

  • Art: watercolour painting, geometric drawing, perspective drawing

  • Music: recorder, music theory, introduction to Renaissance music

Activities summary:


  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Geography
  • History
  • Chinese
  • Physical Education
  • Handwork
  • Art
  • Music

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