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We are glad you are finally here. We have a straightforward admission process online. If you have any further questions and would like to talk to our admissions staff or visit us, please book a call/visit or send us an email.

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Visa Requirements

  1. Singaporean Citizens require exemption. Please state your citizenship status and note that enrolment will also depend on your exemption response from MOE.
  2. Children on Permanent Resident and Dependent Pass may apply for enrolment.
  3. LTVP, Visit Pass or Student Passes, please consider registering under the passes stated above or seek clarification with ICA or MOM.
  4. LTVP and Visit Pass can attend the Enrichment Programs (Ages 3-6), Holiday camps and Afterschool Programs.

Important note: Currently, Lotus Bloom School cannot issue Student Passes.

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